Massages offered by the SPA Gallery at the Arka Medical SPA **** hotel spoil your body and senses. The rich offer of treatments includes massages from various parts of the world that aim to restore harmony, vitality and well-being. If you can not decide which treatment would be the most suitable for you, we would like to cordially contact qualified staff who can help you choose a treatment tailored to your expectations.

Curved's massage - massage of the whole body, head and face, eliminates stress, restores inner peace
Finnish Relaxation - relaxes the whole body massage, preceded by a sauna session
Black Orchid - perfect massage for people who are under stress and need a moment of relaxation
Aroma massage - based on a beautifully fragrant oil, relaxes and soothes
Benessere massage - with elements of eastern techniques, draining and relaxing
Chocolate massage - anti-stress massage based on natural chocolate
Hot basalt stone massage - reduces chronic fatigue, relaxes tense muscles
Hot basalt stone massage body parts
Lomi Lomi massage - ritual Hawaiian massage, free from tensions of everyday life
Massage with herbal punches - brings relief and eliminates tiredness
Thai foot massage - massage of the feet and calves
Massage of the head, neck and back
Relaxing feet massage - massage of the feet
Classic partial massage - massage of the chosen body part
Balinese massage for 4 hands has a good effect on both hemispheres of the brain, so a large amount of stimuli causes specific reactions of the massaged person's body, loosening a larger group of muscles at the same time, improving circulation at one time in a larger area, which gives a quick effect of relaxation and thus calms emotions
Classic whole body massage - stimulating full body massage
Balinese massage - deep stimulation of the muscles, improves circulation and lymph flow
Oriental massage - anti-stress, relaxing massage based on shea butter
Thai massage with coconut oil - intensive full body massage
Thai massage- intense stretching massage
Shiatsu massage - back or head compression massage
Chinese cupping massage - firms the skin and reduces cellulite
Slimming belly / arms - supports burning of fat
Slimming thighs - supports burning of fat


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