Hammam Ritual

What is a procedure whose name comes from a Turkish word, mysteriously called as the Hammam Ritual?
The power of hot summer, directed straight towards the care of our body, purification of our soul and the extraction of beauty straight from the inside of our body. The ritual consists of four stages, consisting of regeneration, hydration, smoothing and rejuvenation of our skin. However, these are not the only benefits, because the process itself is very effective in relaxing and relaxing. The whole takes place in a blissful atmosphere, filled with pleasure and pleasure.

The first stage of the ritual is moisturizing the entire body
Hammam starts from the entrance to the steam sauna. The body is moisturized by a delicate pair, the temperature of which reaches 90 degrees Celsius – this allows for a pleasant softening of the skin and the opening of pores. After a relaxing relaxation of the whole body accompanying the gradual release of toxins from the body, it’s time for the next stage.

The second stage is the thorough cleansing of the body.
To cleanse the body, use the unique black soap – originating from Morocco, also known as Savon Noir. It is made of black olives and olive oil. It is a 100% natural cosmetic and known all over the world for its crazed care qualities. Regular use of black soap provides a smooth, soft and silky to the touch skin.
After applying to a damp body, Savon Noir turns into a foam with deep moisturizing and exfoliating properties.
Thanks to this, we get rid of dead cells and stimulate circulation, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our health and well-being.
The application of foam is usually accompanied by a grainy Kessa glove, using which our black soap is distributed. This stage should not last longer than a few minutes.

The third stage is the Ghassoul clay purification
Glinka Ghassoul is a completely natural mineral, built mostly of stevensite, the main component of which is magnesium silicate. This substance, after mixing with water, takes the form of a muddy foam, which we then apply to our body. For a few minutes, the foam dries and absorbs impurities from our body, while providing the skin with valuable nutrients. After a certain time, thoroughly rinse the skin with warm water.

The fourth stage is the time of anointing and massage
At the end of the ritual, we will taste a subtle massage using almond oil. Carefully prepared in the previous stages, we absorb the beneficial properties of almond. Sensual and gentle spreading it throughout the body, combined with a subtle massage, is an ideal, relaxing composition. The ritual ends with the absorption of almond oil into the cleansed skin.



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